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The Syncrolite SXL is designed to be the premium experience in lighting. The color changing technology, fully automatic or Static Xenon Skylights will give you endless possibilities for your event needs.

These amazing lights have put a spotlight on some of the world’s largest and most notable events, such as: The Super Bowl, Marathons, Award Shows, and the Olympics just to name a few. They are also used to spotlight monuments and architectural wonders such as: The Eiffel Tower and the St. Louis Arch.

The Syncrolite SXL will make your sporting events, concerts, live productions and any other event a dynamic visual experience. The flexibility and uniqueness of the Syncrolite SXL is sought after by lighting designers and producers alike. The Syncrolite SXL adds value and pure impact to the performance, and brings excitement to the overall experience. The Syncrolite SXL offers an unparalleled visual experience.  

If you are ready to move your event to the next level, contact our knowledgeable staff and let us help you create the event of your dreams.
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